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Din nou despre WikiLeaks si Julian Assange

Dupa cum era de asteptat, domeniul a fost retras in cursul zilei de azi astfel multi care accesau site-ul de pe acea adresa au ramas in aer.

Noua adresa e pentru ca si-au mutat lucrurile in Elvetia.

Si gazduirea le-a fost retrasa de pe serverele Amazon astfel se poate observa din avion cata presiune pun oficialii americani pe companiile care gazduiau serverele celor de la WikiLeaks.

“US companies have also come under intense political pressure to remove any connection to, or support for, WikiLeaks. Amazon ended its hosting of the cables on its EC2 cloud computer service earlier this week, but last night insisted in a blogpost that its decision was not due to pressure from Senator Joe Lieberman, who has called for the removal of the data – and who has influenced at least one other US company to withdraw support for WikiLeaks data.”

Un interviu realizat azi, puteti citi pe

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